You have an e-commerce site ready with all your products on display, you have also integrated an e-commerce shopping cart software and an SSL certificate to secure customers data, but, you don’t  have visitors to your site. This is the greatest challenge that many online startups undergo. To get your site to rank on a search engine is not easy and can take several months if not years. What can you do? Lucky for you, we are going to show you how to use article marketing as a strategy to promote your e-commerce site.

Drive targeted traffic by writing on relevant subject

Article marketing has the potential to drive instant traffic to your e-commerce site. The best way to achieve this is to write high quality, shareable content on the relevant subject. If your online store is in the business of selling e-commerce templates, then, you should write content touching on various aspects regarding e-commerce templates. That way, you will get visitors to your website that are interested in your products and who are potential purchasers.

Link to specific products directly

The purpose of writing the content is to market and promote specific products on your online store. So, if you write about ‘Themes for E-commerce Website,’ you should make a point of linking directly to the specific theme that you intend to sale. You can have several links pointing to the products you are promoting so that when visitors read the article, they can click on the link and thereby purchase the product. Churning out relevant content weekly with links pointing to different products in your store can be an excellent strategy of promoting products on your e-commerce platform.

Offer exclusive promotional coupons to increase conversion

You have to make the most out of the opportunity provided by your article marketing efforts. One way of maximizing is by offering your visitors promotional coupons which they can enter to get special discounts. The visitors should not hassle on your e-commerce site to get the product on offer. The coupons will take them directly to the product thus making sales more quickly and easily.


Whether you are selling shoes, clothes or website themes, article marketing is a sure strategy that will help you get targeted traffic. You also become an authority in your field meaning more people will want to buy from you. Guest blogging is another sure way that can earn you targeted traffic, conversion, and sales.