Top-Quality and Free Themes for Ecommerce Website and Online Stores

Here is a collection of the best free and top-quality themes for ecommerce website and online stores! Choose the one that suits your needs! If you don’t  like any of these, you can checkout some free website templates by Shopify!

The Internet today made trade faster, simpler, and more convenient. Almost all business owners, service providers, and retailers are able to sell and promote their products and services easy and simple, while online visitors and customers can inspect and learn more information about the product or service they want to buy without having the need to go to a shopping center or physical store. 

Today, the business transactions are done with just one click by using a mobile phone or a computer. As a business owner, you have to make sure that you are making the most of your online website or ecommerce shop. The free ecommerce and custom-built themes could provide your WordPress website a functional and unique layout. Usually, all themes come with great features to help you promote and communicate your brand to your target customers and let them take a peek at the products and services you sell, as well as, their main features without difficulty. The free ecommerce templates will help you create your website and set it in no time. Once you will make sure your website is up and running, you can customize to suit your business needs and present the best features of your products or services. If you want to create an appealing and outstanding site for your business, you can check out and analyze the features of each theme so you can choose the right theme for your online project!

  • Shapely – There is no doubt that ecommerce has significantly grown and it continues to grow every single day. As a matter of fact, it would be extremely hard and almost impossible to find an online seller who doesn’t offer the option to purchase directly from the site. This theme is for smart and ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs who want to improve themselves in the online space.
  • Tyche – This minimalistic theme is designed with one thing in mind – shopping. You will get this theme together with a clean code, documentation, and location services. It has a simple to craft design with a sign-up and email contact system.

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  • Activello – Another popular theme you can use for free! This is a convenient, deeply flexible, powerful, and well-developed theme. Activello serves as a template for websites across a wide spectrum of industries, uses, and applications.
  • Affluent – This is a user friendly, tech savvy, innovative, readily responsive and easy-to-use theme. It is a resourceful and highly functional platform for the development of engaging and modern websites. Equipped with amazingly customization settings, this theme allows you to take a complete control of every style and element within your page-by-page, layouts, and etc.
  • Unite – This is a fully-responsive theme with simple and yet modern and lively design. This template is built based on the newest Bootstrap 3 which helps your site responsive and viewable on any types of smartphones. It comes with incredible theme options and features that allow you to customize a few aspects of the theme such as navigation, footer, fonts, menu, color, and etc.
  • Transcend – This is an engaging, easy to use, reliable and robust WordPress and free website theme. Requiring absolutely no coding knowledge in order to complete professional or quality results and encourages webmasters to come up with their own layouts with various options for both the headers and footers and plentiful shortcodes and widgetized sidebars to expand the functionalities and the features of your every web page!
  • Analyze the themes for ecommerce website and decide which one you are going to use!

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